Below is a list of all NSAG members who are sculptors. Feel free to view the Members page for a full member list, or browse members by the artistic media of painting, photography, and printmaking.

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Joseph Doyle

Painting, Graphite, and Sculpture


Barbara Jenkin


Barb Jenkin: Lilacs

Barb Jenkin: Lilacs

Barb Jenkin: Grape Leaves

Barb Jenkin: Grape Leaves

To be out in wild places is to be free – to smell, to see, to feel the essence of the earth – the true environment that we live in. I work with live plants and flowers to create my clay plaques. I get these from the many “wild places” on the Northside – Troy Gardens, Cherokee Marsh, Warner Park, and other open spaces. It is through my art that I try to “capture” the “essence of the earth” in clay to bring a part of the “wild places” into my civilized environment.

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