Below is a list of all NSAG members who are photographers. Feel free to view the Members page for a full member list, or browse members by the artistic media of painting, sculpting, and printmaking.

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Richard Buchanan II


Artist Site

I strive to bring the unnoticeable and overlooked of everyday life to the forefront – to change mundane to extraordinary, and trivial to enchanting. I focus on the abstract, landscape, and documentary genres, but each photograph I share is a communion with the splendor of all waking life, a celebration of endless possibilities, and a means to see anew what has always been seen.


Carolyn Gantner



Kristi Hall


I’ve been an amateur photographer for over 30 years and work in 35mm film and digital. I tend to focus on the natural world in some form or fashion. I use the phrase natural world loosely to mean anything around us that I can create an image of that makes someone stop and take a closer look. It makes me smile when someone has to ask, “What is that?” after staring at a photo of mine for a while.

There can be beauty in the simplest thing if only we take the time to look. I hope the images you see here compel you to take a closer look at the things you see in your every day life and help you to find the beauty around you.

Susan Young Hoffman

Painting, Photography, and Drawing

I like to explore ideas that I’ve captured in my camera’s visual notebook. Although my style and context range from abstract art to realistic portraits, my focus in each piece is on the use of expressive line and color to convey a sense of place and mood. One of my current projects is a children’s concept book about days of the week.


Stephen Lang



Teresa Mertens-Pellitteri


NSAG page

I shoot what I like. I have taken numerous photography classes and consider myself to be a lifelong photography student. My strength is in composing an interesting photo. Color, patterns, mystery and playfulness are all subjects I am drawn to. I want to capture the moment to share with others.

Ronald McKinley


NSAG page

I enjoy nature and love to spend time photographing landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and lighthouses. Now, as I travel around the country, I am always looking for and marveling at the beauty all around us waiting to be captured. Being involved in the natural beauty of creation is part of my spiritual journey.

I spent a lot of time in Door County, Wisconsin in the past, and did a lot of my shooting in that area. I’ve shown pieces at the Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay and The Hardy Gallery in Ephriam, and have recently had limited showings at some of the venues put on by the NSAG.


Mary Beth Riles



Elizabeth Solomon

Drawing, Painting, and Photography

Artist site

I find inspiration in the colors of the world around me. Once the idea hits the process becomes internal… playing with color, composition and size until the image gels in my mind. After that it’s a matter of getting it down quickly.

Jean Staral

Mixed Media and Photography


Judy Woelfel


I have been taking pictures for over four decades. I enjoy photographing people in their daily lives and capturing beautiful landscapes. My current focus is on wildlife (particularly birds) and flowers. I prefer working with available light and simple equipment. I like using metalic paper to bring out details like the feathers on a bird or the different hues of grasses.

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